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Schauer & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Bill Schauer, our president.  The company was formed specifically to meet the support demands of client banks that were installing DISC ARP/SMS™.  

Prior to founding Schauer & Associates, Inc., Mr. Schauer spent 15 years with DISC, Inc., as the Vice President of Research and Development where he designed and created the ARP/SMS™ system.  It was a natural step to form a company devoted to supporting and enhancing the software he built.


Senior staff programmers Linda Hoeck and Bud Lindner each have over 10 years experience with ARP/SMS™ supporting customers and developing enhancements.

Lynn Shearmire, ARP/SMS™ installation specialist has worked with Schauer & Associates, Inc. from her office in Portland, OR for the past 5 years.  She specializes in DISC/ARP conversion and production support.

Jack Russell, Vice President of Customer Development, markets our services to the banking community.  Jack spent 30 years with IBM in various customer support and sales positions prior to joining Schauer & Associates, Inc.  Jack works from his office in Fort Worth, Texas.
** ARP/SMSand its registered products are owned by Fiserv Corporation

Bill Schauer performs onsite training and consulting for the Fiserv ARP/SMS™ System and enhancements installed by our firm.  

You can contact Bill Schauer directly at



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